Areas of Law

Katz & Associates specializes in the following areas of law

Construction Defect

The firm represents homeowners, developers, general contractors and sub-contractors in litigation for claims of personal injuries and/or property damage arising from the alleged improper construction of residential buildings and work site injuries.

Toxic Tort/Environmental

The firm represents product manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in litigation for claims of personal injuries allegedly arising out of exposure to toxic chemicals, such as asbestos, carbon monoxide, and benzene as well as personal injuries arising from the alleged exposure to toxic mold.

Products Liability

The firm represents businesses, product manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of various products in actions for personal injuries and business interruption due to the alleged failure of a particular product or products to perform as reasonably expected, design defects and manufacturing defects.

Business Litigation

The firm represents businesses in litigation as well as advises in various issues including risk management, contracts, and disputes.

General Liability/Premises Liability

The firm advises property owners and managers in various issues such as risk management as well as in litigation against claims for personal injuries arising out of the alleged failure to properly maintain and/or repair the property.

Post-Foreclosure Asset Recovery

In some instances, a foreclosed home will sell for more than the amount of the mortgage(s).  However, the foreclosure trustee is not obligated to search out the former owner and inform him/her of the excess proceeds.  The Firm works with companies to search out former owners with excess proceeds and assists those former owners with recovering the excess funds.

Elder Law/Estate Planning

Elder Law is legal services encompassing those areas of law of particular concern to senior citizens, most notably pertaining to living needs.  It encompasses wills and trusts, including incapacity planning, family asset protection planning, advance care directives ensuring medical providers respect one’s wishes, medicaid eligibility and planning, veteran’s benefits, special needs planning, and being able to afford long term care, if needed.