The Law Offices of Robert B. Katz & Associates

The Law Offices of Robert B. Katz & Associates is a civil litigation and trial law firm specializing in the areas of construction defect, general liability, premises liability, environmental, toxic tort, products liability, estate planning, and elder law. Our firm provides representation within the state and federal courts of California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona. We are an approved firm with A.M. Best’s Directory of Recommended Attorneys.

The Firm was established to provide our clients with the highest caliber legal advice and litigation services. We are committed to aggressive representation and understand the complex and continually changing litigation environment. It is our practice to keep our clients and claims professionals regularly informed of each development during the pendancy of a matter and to strictly adhere to reporting formats and litigation guidelines. Our priority is to achieve our clients’ objectives, and believe this can be accomplished through fostering trust within the attorney-client relationship.

We utilize the latest research tools and techniques in order to keep litigation costs at a minimum, and employ a proactive, forward thinking approach to litigation which frequently enables us to resolve matters faster and more advantageously than the typical practice of delaying until the day of trial to determine whether a matter may be resolved without such time and expense. Our experience has shown that early intervention often means the difference between a long expensive battle and a cost effective resolution.

Should trial be the only option to resolve a matter, The Law Offices of Robert B. Katz & Associates has the expertise to take it through to verdict. Our experience has shown that many high profile companies find it difficult to reach the hearts and minds of jurors. This inability to connect often results in exposure to excessive jury awards. The Law Offices of Robert B. Katz & Associates employs trial tactics and techniques which permits us to engage with jurors, thereby increasing the probability of obtaining the best possible outcome.