New DNA Testing

New DNA Testing is Able to Confirm a Claimant’s Exposure to a Toxic Substance with 99.9% Accuracy.

Imagine being able to prove that a claimant has not been exposed to any toxic substance that your insured has manufactured, supplied or distributed.  Such a test could significantly alter the civil litigation field of toxic torts.  This is the claim of Dr. Bruce Gillis of The Cytokine Institute. Continue reading “New DNA Testing”

About Rob Katz

Robert Katz is originally from California, however moved to Las Vegas in 2008.  He played competitive sports at an early age and was part of the junior ice hockey team that won the California State championship, playing at the Fabulous Forum where the Los Angeles Kings originally skated. Later, he played on a youth hockey team which competed in Vancouver, Canada. The skills Robert learned through competitive sports provided a sound foundation for solving those problems and challenges he faces every day as a lawyer. Continue reading “About Rob Katz”